Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nude Beach

Would I ever strut my stuff on a nude beach?  Hell yes I would!!! I have had 2 babies, but I think my body looks good enough for that.  I just have to suck my tummy in a bit. LOL.  Hell, I do it now.  I go to the beach with an itty bitty teeny tiny bikini that practically stays in my butt crack and my nipples fall out all the time.  So let me take that extra step.


Anonymous said...

You are a braver woman than me. Thanks for linking up.

Mama K said...

Hey dropping by from the blog hop :) new follower from http://mmmamasecrets.blogspot.com

I would go to a nude beach also.lol

SondraMama said...

we can go to a nude beach together then!! lol. just, hop along. oh wow. ... i cant even imagine. I do want to go to one. bucket listed.

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