Sunday, May 22, 2011

{Review} Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind DVD

I will admit.  Not a fan of porn.  =/  They're all the same shit, different people.  Suck dick for 15 mins, gag, fuck in one position ... or maybe 3 ... for 45 minutes, dick cums in her mouth.  Yanno ... something like that.  You get it.  My husband and I typically shut the porns off within 10 minutes after we skip through with the dick sucking and gagging.  I thought all porns were like this. Apparently not ...
I received Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind DVD in the mail from Babeland for review.  I have to admit,  I was hesitant.  It took me a few days to pop the DVD in but I'm glad we did =]  This DVD features Adrianna Nichole, who has many fantasies.  She wants to act them out with different partners.  Adrianna hand picked several partners and each scene featured someone & something new.  Adrianna included some toys, many positions, bondage, role playing & MORE!  Literally, I could not keep my eyes off of the screen!  My husband and I sat there and we soaked in all the sexyness and each night we acted out to the scene our own way.  It was something completely different & I found different ways to play with our toys, as well as different positions.
Honestly,  this is a porno DVD (do people even say Porno anymore?) that I would love to have many series on.  This was the first Porn DVD in 8+ years that I was completely interested in & actually took to the activities.
I'm sure you'll want to check out this DVD as well!  Its more like a "home movie".  The "actors" seem very comfortable and not like they're acting.  It doesn't remind me of a cheap trashy film at all!!! I even love at the beginning of each "scene", there is an interview between Adrianna Nichole & her "partner" for the following scene as to why Adrianna chose this partner and what fantasy they will be acting out.  We did find that the interviews got to be too lengthy so we pretty much started to skip past the interviews to get right to the "good" sex.
So there you go sexy bitches.  Go to Babeland and check out Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind DVD.  I'm 100% certain you won't be disappointed. =]

Rating:  5/5

Price:  $34.99

Where to Buy:  Babeland


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Cool review I'll add it to the list.

I feel the same only porn I mostly care for is amateur, curious about this now.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your review of this...I dig I'd watch this!

SondraMama said...

I'm looking into checking out more of these DVD's and getting them. I"d totally get rid of our 50+ shitty porns for a few of these ones. =]

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