Monday, May 2, 2011

Strut Your Stuff #13

Reviews & Giveaways coming up:  Glass Dildo & Massage Candle reviews.  You'd have to keep watch on my blog to see what they are =] I might have other reviews up, but those depend on my mood.

Question of the Week:  Have you posted naughty pictures on your blog, FB, ect?
Hell no! There has been one official time that my naked vagina has ever been on a camera.  A few  months ago when a nurse took my camera and took pictures of me delivering my son... =] 


Anonymous said...

I love massage candles I'll have to pop back and check it out. Um no, I didn't let people take pictures of down there even then. Thanks for linkin up.

SondraMama said...

LOL!!! Well, the nurse took the camera away from my husband because he was holding the camera but not taking pictures. she was all over the place. She took pictures for like 30 minutes and got us over 200 shots. She said, "i hope you dont mind, but i stole your camera and you can delete what you dont want." LOL. omg ..!!! Now that I look back at it, i feel bad i didnt have pictures taken for my first baby. sheeeeit ..

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