Friday, July 15, 2011

{Review} The Groove

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thanks to Eden Fantasy's, I received an anal probe; The Groove by Doc Johnson, in Grey.

Packaging: The Groove by Doc Johnson came in a clear plastic casing. Very easy to open up. The packaging is somewhat discreet. If you had no idea what the hell an anal probe is, what it looked like, or the like, someone might look at this anal probe and think it were something else. Not too sure what they would think The Groove was, but it doesn't scream all over the packaging, "YO HEY! I LOVE YOUR ASS HOLE!"

Materials: The Groove is made up of hypoallergenic silicone & is completely 100% safe to use! I love the silicone because it does NOT hold onto dust, hair, dirt, lint, etc ...

Scent: Yes, I smell things. Even sex toys. I had to actually put my nose up to The Groove and smell. There was a slight hint of scent, but nothing unpleasant at all. When removed from the sniffing action and just, I suppose, looking at The Groove, there is zero scent. While playing with The Groove, I could smell nothing at all.

How to Use: There are no special instructions to use The Groove. Apply water based lube, slowly insert the first bead while relaxed, slowly insert up to another bead / bump, pull out, insert, etc ... enjoy! Sounds like a commercial but honestly, you have to concentrate on the bending of the anal probe.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Groove by myself at first to get used to it.  Then we added this anal probe into mine and my husbands foreplay and during sex.  I didn't use The Groove on my husband but I have to slowly get him into using anal probes on himself.

Usage level: The Groove is an anal probe aimed at both beginners and advanced users. Beginner users because there are no special curves or scary points. The hard part of The Groove for a beginner would be, that this anal probe is very bendy.  Not soft and squishy, but it was hard to navigate to the ass hole at first if you had no idea what you're doing (note; slippery + bendy). Especially with water based lubrication all over The Groove, lots of slippery action, it was a fair difficulty level to relax.

But, on the bright side, once you inserted the first bead, it was very easy to insert another bead plus more to your comfortableness level. There was an easy to navigate, & easy transition from bead to bead.

I also say an advanced user could have fun with The Groove because this anal probe is pretty large after you insert the first few beads.

Texture: The beads / bumps go from small to large as you go down the length of The Groove. Upon insertion and pulling out, the sensation is amazing! The beads are more on the larger side of what I am used to and I love that! I can actually feel how amazing anal sex can be! The beads are so smooth and easy to insert once you get a hang of it and you're relaxed. The texture is very enjoyable.

Lube used: We used Water Based lube and that is the only kind you can use with silicone toys. Please use water based because any other lube will eat away at the Silicone and you don't want any beads stuck in your ass. Seriously, its not a joke. Its my biggest fear!

Washing: You can boil The Groove for 3 minutes in a pot of water, toss it on the top rack of your dishwasher or, if you're like me, just use a typical Toy Cleaner.

Waterproof: Of course this anal probe is waterproof, considering it allows no batteries.  I can't see myself using this in the bathtub though, alone.  Maybe a little shower sex with the husband and The Groove is in order next!

Size: 7" tall with an insertable lenth of 6". At 6.5 oz, this toy is pretty light in weight.

Available Colors: Grey & Blue. The Grey has little specks of blue glitter. So pretty!

The blue, I only seen online at Eden Fantasy's, but it looks like a very bright, pretty blue.

Rating: 4/5. As a beginner in the anal sex department, I had a hard time at first inserting the first bead inside. After a while, I could only insert up to the third bead because the anal probe was starting to get uncomfortable if I inserted anymore. Once I relax more and get more comfortable in anal sex / anal toys, I'm very sure I can insert The Groove all the way in.

Price: $19.99

Where to buy: Eden Fantasy's

Thank you to Eden Fantasys, who sent me a product to review in exchange with my honest opinion.  My views reflect my opinion and may be different than your own.


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Sounds like a great buy especially for the price.

SondraMama said...

it is! the toy is pretty much for anybody. beginner to advanced.

Teagan Shepard said...

very pretty! your pics are so much better than mine...

SondraMama said...

girl, its just a cheap ole' Canon. $100. I love the micro setting and zero flash.

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