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{night 03-10} KY Brand Intimacy Experiment

Here are the recaps of Night 01 & Night 02.  Yes, its been 3 months.  My husband and I received this KY Brand Intimacy Experiment Kit and we did the program in about 14 days.  Then, I got caught up with ... do you really want to hear it?  Kids' sports, summer time enjoyment, my husband ended up working 70 hours a week, cabin time, etc ... I just haven't found the time to sit down & copy everything I wrote in my note pad that was included in the KY Brand Intimacy Experiment Kit.  Let me say, this was a life time change.  I can say that 3 months later, we are closer than ever.  The sex is more amazing and pure.  The time spend together is much more romantic.  I have been with this man since age 16.  Thats 10 years!
Let me recap on the rest of the days and what I wrote down as notes.

Day / Night 03:  The husband and I had to write down the others' positive and negative attributes.  For example, his crazy humor vs. his dirty socks all over the place.  He wrote down about me; my long straight hair vs. my dirty dish piling up.  Then, we basically tossed the negative aside and said to ourselves, what can we do to make the positive stand out more, to turn us on more often?
That night, we ended up heading out to a friends birthday party with drinking, partying and the parents watched the kids.  I have  friend home from college for a bit so we partied over there.  The husband and I pretended we were strangers.  Everybody of course thought we were being funny and said nothing about our situation but by the end of the night, after all the flirting (by the way, we were complimented on how close we had become!), we felt we were 16 again! We felt fresh and giddy.  We haven't had that much fun in a while!  3 months later, we are still doing the same very once in a while, with the flirting and newness.
I seen his sexy smile, felt his muscular hugs, and got caught up with his silly humor that hasn't happened in forever!   Our sex  that night was not there since we ended up sleeping in a basement with the kids but driving home the next day, holding hands in the car, we felt fresh and young.  Falling in love all over again was totally the best feeling and something we bring into our every day lives again.

Day / Night 04:  There is a list that we had to say Yes / No to, as far as, would we do these actions at the very beginning of our relationship?  For example, go to the bathroom with the door open (we both said no by the way!). We had to think of ways and discuss with each other, our actions that would make us feel mysterious again.  We became so comfortable with our relationship that nothing was a mystery again.  With that, we had to trace back our lives and become mysterious once again.
The night time activity was pretty easy for us.  It was a little awkward spending the evening nude, going out our usual night time cuddling but it made us both feel really sexy and into each other.  We haven't showed together in a while actually, so after our sensual rubdown and shower together, sex felt amazing in the sense that we felt we could do anything!  We were a bit more wild than usual.  I'm sure it was because we felt more comfortable in our bodies.

Day / Night 05:  Engaging in a new activity together was fun!  We really didn't have time to find something too extreme so the Husband got us a new Kinect game (this time for us and not the kids!).  We battled each other in dancing games.  I was not as embarrassed as the Husband but you can tell he was really shy about the situation.  He hates dancing but after a few fun, giggly rounds, we had a blast the whole time and worked amazing together!
That night, we pulled out a pair of our sex dice.  We had tried to play with these before in the past but I was really uncomfortable.  The setting wasn't right.  But, with our daytime activity pulling us into a fun mood, playing the sex dice game was much more interesting!  Sex that night felt like we were goofy young adults again.

Day / Night 06:  Affection?  Whats affection?  Oh yea!  The time were we only kissed or held hands when we wanted sex.  There were times where I wanted zero sex for weeks because of pregnancy, or stress, or whatever it may be.  You can tell that we hadn't hugged or kissed, etc the whole time.  I remember when the Husband would come up to me to kiss me and I would get angry saying, "Guess what! You can't get any sex tonight because I'm too exhausted and I don't feel good!"  Something in that aspect.  But, challenging our relationship to 10 affectionate moves a day helped us tremendously, 3 months later and still going strong!  Random hugs, random body massages (just parts, not whole body), random kissing sessions ... all feel comfortable now.  I personally feel sexier, more loved, and more loving to my husband.  This actually pulls towards my children too.  I feel like I am more loved by my husband, which in turn makes me feel more open to being more affectionate to my own children.  (Not like I wasn't before, but the feeling inside is more affectionate).
That night, the Husband and I indulged in a sensual massage.  Something that hasn't happened in years!  Typically, in the past, we never felt comfortable with our bodies to perform full body massages, nude.  But after the past few exercises, we felt comfortable and very sensual.  Sex was slow and intimate.

Day / Night 07:  We had to make a list of our fantasies, what turns us on, and what turns us off.  That made up our love map.  For me, some of my fantasies, which I have never shared with my Husband was (and these don't have to happen at all, ever), being sensual with another woman, joining in a three some, being single and flirting with a stranger, being all tied up (which will happen one day!), etc .... Some of my turn offs are when my man has a sour attitude with me when it doesn't even include me in the situation, boredom, etc ..
Sharing my fantasy with him was very, uncomfortable.  I'm talking about the female vs. female sensuality.  I didn't know how he would feel about that situation so we decided to pop in one of our woman vs. woman porns.  We had watched porn together all the time but kept quiet and just ended up in a hot sex session.  This time around, I would tell him what turned me on, how I felt, etc.  We brought that into a more sensual sex session that night.
I do plan on engaging my other fantasies into our real sexual life.  Well some.  Slowly but surely ...
I even downloaded an erotic stories application on my phone and several times a week, I read aloud a story, curled up in bed, with the Husband.  I still have to, and want to, write my own erotic story and read it to him.

Day / Night 08:    The husband and I engaged in the kitchen together.  While one kid was napping and the other was watching a movie, we whipped up some "sexual" dinner including Turkey and asparagus.  Turkey and asparagus are aphrodisiacs.  Honestly, aphrodisiacs don't effect me at all.  So I felt no real "change".  At least we had fun together in the kitchen.
That night, we used our K-Y YOURS+MINE KISSABLE SENSATIONS (strawberry + chocolate) that came in our KY Brand Intimacy Experiment Kit, We ended up enjoying each other's bodies so much so that we ended the night in just tasting each other until we fell asleep.

Day / Night 09:  The daytime activity was impossible for us at the time being.  With kids involved, it's pretty impossible to engage in a thrill seeking adventure like Bungee jumping, etc.  Instead, we wrote down a list of "thrill seeking" activities we will do later on when the kids are older &/or when we have much more money.  Even talking about these activities were turning us on and thrilling us!
I actually received a blindfold with some lingerie I ordered online.  This came in handy as we used the blindfold and used the K-Y INTENSE lube on each other, massaging in the lube on sensual spots, in a mysterious way.  Our senses were heightened to a level I had never imagined before!  This brought on a mysterious, intense, sexual night.

Day / Night 10:  This was a conclusion day / night.  Bringing everything we learned over the past week +, into our daily lives.  Like I said, 3 months later, our sex life and our relationship all in all, is better than ever!  Being together for 10 years and 2 very young kids, its hard to engage in each other.  But not anymore.  I couldn't be happier and feel more sexier.  I look at my husband as if he is the sexiest man alive!  Before, I just looked at him like we had no mystery or affection anymore.  I am very thankful for the KY Brand Intimacy Experiment Kit.  It really helps a couple become more open with each other in ways you could never imagine!  Thank you!

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I wrote this posting with participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review.


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