Monday, July 18, 2011

Strut Your Stuff #24

Reviews & Giveaways coming up:  I have 2 reviews coming up.  One for a glass dildo and another for a massage candle that I promised to write up a few months ago but lost track of, my sex blog life for a minute. But now I'm back on track and ready to hit it up. 
I also have a giveaway for a G-Spot Vibrator.  You'll have to obviously keep in touch if you want to know what it is =]

Question of the Week:  Why do I blog?  I blog because this is MY time to connect with other people who also blog.  I love learning new things and in turn, I love to write about new things.  I love to hear others' advice and tips.  I love to take pictures and just, post them.  I used to be a HTML junkie so blogging might pull that out of me again.  I just love to write and babble.  Its like, I feel free.  Like myself? I don't have to censor myself. 


Anonymous said...

Great giveaways! I love your reason for blogging. Thanks for linking up.

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